• Hands-on Service Learning

    Our Hands-On Service Learning Program is intended to help student participants gain real world skills through Hands-on experience. Hands-On Service learning is comprised of 5 educational areas; Physics & Math, Writing/ literature/ Speech, sciences/Medical & technology, Media & Arts and Business/ finance.

Hands-On Service Learning Program Goals and Target Population

Our Hands-On service Learning Program enrolls 250 participants from January 10th to December20th, with an expected 10 to 20 % yearly increase in enrollment. Our target enrollment for college/university is 140, which include student enrollees from Miami-Dade College, Florida international University, Nova University, American Advanced Technicians Institute & Florida National University. Our program is focused to provide an engaging service learning experience which will help college/university student participants further their education by participating in the development & implementation of our projects, as well as through civic engagement. Our target enrollment for high school students is 70. The remaining 40 participants will be enrolled from local Middle & Elementary Schools. Supplemental education through service learning & civic engagement is great for High School, middle & Elementary Students & can help direct them in a path of interest which we believe will assist them in choosing a career path. More than 30 community projects will be completed from January 10th to December20th, which will range from community beautification projects in distressed communities, proving food & basic needs to underprivileged people. Projects will be implemented on a monthly basis.

Hands-On Service Learning Program Target Population

  • K-12 Students enrolled in the Miami Dade and Broward County School District.
  • College, University and Technical Students nationwide.

Hands-On Service Learning Program Implementation Plan

The Hands-on Service Learning Program operates in a year round basis, through the delivery of our program services. Our Hands-On Service Learning Program implementation plan is based on the University/ College, k-12 school calendar schedules. To ensure that our program correlates and enhances the school curriculum of each student participant, we have 3 trimesters of enrollment. The fall enrollment period which begins on September 1st and runs through December 20th, the winter period runs from January 10th through April 14th and the summer period which runs from May 1st through August 7th, To accomplish our goal of enhancing the educational experience of our participants we have established 5 educational areas, which are designed for students to participate in the development and implementation of our community projects, while fulfilling their service learning requirements. Our daily schedule of operations for the Hands-On Service learning program student participants is Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. A total of 12 projects will be completed from January 10th to December20th. Beneficiaries will be selected by the order of date in which they applied.

Hands-On Service Learning Community Projects
Community Beautification Project (Park/community beautification or home Repair)
2 Projects
Food & Basic Needs Community Projects (Providing food to underprivileged people in the community, providing basic necessities to underprivileged members of our community)
4 Projects
General Hands-On Service Learning Projects ( Physics & Math, Writing/Literature/Speech, sciences/Medical & technology, Media & Arts and Business/finance)
6 Projects