Our organization includes 3 areas of focus, to provide service learning to k-12 students and college/university students, to improve the living conditions of low income members of our community, as well as to provide food and basic needs to low income families, people with special needs and the elderly.

Program Distinctions

What sets our program apart from similar programs is the element of integrating our Low Income Housing Repair Program and the Basic Needs and emergency Assistance program with education through our Hands-On Service Learning Program with for the purpose of improving the lives of underprivileged people. Since the development and implementation of our community projects and services require more than just the physical labor and distribution of services; it requires planning, development and strategic implementation. Student participants can participate in service learning through science/technology, math/physics, business/finance, writing/literature and media/arts, their subject will depend on their interest or academic requirement. We believe that by integrating the involvement of service learning with our program service we can impact our community in a greater scale. In addition, our program's satisfaction rating is 99% because of our attentiveness, care and focus in fulfilling community needs. We've been listed the great no-profits, due to our many positive reviews and ratings; as well as being awarded the Service learning Partner of the year award from Miami-Dade College.

  • Hands-on Service Learning

    Our Hands-On Service Learning Program is intended to help student participants gain real world skills through Hands-on experience. Hands-On Service learning is comprised of 5 educational areas; Physics & Math, Writing/ literature/ Speech, sciences/Medical & technology, Media & Arts and Business/ finance.

  • Low Income Housing Repair

    The Low Income Housing Repair Program's goal it to improve the living conditions of low income families, people with special needs and the elderly. We assess the homes to determine the problem areas and adequate homes to provide positive living standards to our beneficiaries, as well as to make homes more accessible to people with special needs and seniors.

  • Basic Needs and Emergency Assistance

    The Basic Needs and Emergency Assistance Program provides services to low-income families, people with special needs and the elderly, who are experiencing hunger, financial emergency and cannot helped themselves.

Statement of Need

The recent economic downturn has made it very difficult for families living paycheck to paycheck, manage & to maintain a stable home. Studies show that the medium house hold income for families of low to moderate income dropped 11% in recent years, which added stress to their already difficult situation. Nearly a quarter of all Floridians live in poverty & Miami-Dade & Broward Counties were 2 of the hardest hit counties. This is why it's very important for our organization to provide food & basic needs, as well as to improve the living conditions of needy families. In addition, the recent economic crisis, schools have been affected by massive budget cuts, which have caused extra-curricular departments to either shut down or be downsized. Our organization's Hands-On Service Learning program will allow teachers to fulfill their extra-curricular activities & will give students the opportunity to learn & develop skills through Hands-On Service Learning & through our partnerships. Florida's K-12 public work force was modestly downsized again last year, but it was support workers, again, who felt the most pain & saw the most pink slips, according to the state's latest annual staff survey. Total work force numbers are down 5.4 percent from 336,329 to 318,209. We believe that it is important for students to have the opportunity to further their education while making a difference in the lives of underprivileged members of our community. It is important that students have the opportunity to find an interest in a particular skill set & scholastic subject for them to have a better idea of which career path suites them best. We can believe that we can make a great impact in our local communities by strengthening education through our Hands- On Service Learning Program and to provide basic needs & emergency assistances to struggling families through our Basic Needs & Emergency Assistance. (US Census Data & National Service Learning)